Case Study - Breitling for Bentley Roadshow 2019


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As part of the Bentley Centenary Celebrations, Breitling contracted tableeleven to plan, organize and manage the Breitling for Bentley roadshow showcasing the Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition timepiece collection. Together with the local Bentley dealerships, tableeleven organized a multi-month road-show through the German Bentley branches. The for-mat of the event was adapted to local conditions and ranged from formal evening reception with stage program to elegant summer party. As well, we orga-nized a 007 Casino setting and a seated VIP-dinner.


The events included speeches by Bentley Top-Execu-tives and experiential crafting stations to actively sew & stitch on Bentley leather steering wheels and cutting fine veneer wood for Bentley dashboards. The series of events was a huge success for both companies and we are already planning further formats to continue the collaboration of these two outstanding companies.

Please note: Upon request of the organizing compa-nies, only a small selection of image material was released. We ask for your understanding, but are always at your disposal for further information.