Die INHORGENTA TRENDFACTORY #ReInspire ist die neue digitale Wissens- und Trendplattform für den interaktiven Austausch der internationalen Schmuck-, Uhren- und Edelsteinindustrie.

Seien Sie bei der ersten Online-Livekonferenz am 22. Oktober 2020 mit hochkarätigen Experten dabei.

Du hast die digitale session verpasst? Hier ein Rückblick


Watch, jewelry & gemstones


Event Type

Virtual conference

Location (online)




550 paid tickets


1st edutainment format in exhibition industry

Top speakers on stage, pre-recorded and on live transmission


Providing thought leadership

Binding Inhorgenta community

Creation of an educating entertainment format

Our format promises


thanks to a combination of industry talks and master classes

> KNOWLEDGE OF CURRRENT TRENDS through inspiring speakers and live panel discussions


thru the opportunities to present your brand, company and person within the program

The Challenge: With over 30.000 professional regis-trants attending Inhorgenta Munich, Europe's leading trade platform for jewelry, watches and gemstones every year, the Inhorgenta team recognized the value of using a virtual conference as a branding, sponsorship and thought leadership opportunity to retain the strong Inhorgenta community - especially in times of COVID-19.

Their inhouse product, which had previously been used to create virtual conferences, no longer provided the kind of event experience that they wished to deliver. Previous online events of Messe München were plan-ned around replicating physical events, and so, they were looking to improve the experience for both audiences and sponsors alike. This is where the rich content creation experience of tableeleven came into play.




The Goal: To provide a fully branded, fit for purpose virtual event that offered a premium viewing experience for speakers, attendees and a global industry audience. Improve the virtual conference to make it easier for attendees and sponsors to interact online, including live chat, polling and networking opportunities. Another goal was to simplify the registration process and to increase sponsorship income.

How tableeleven helped: By using the bulletproof competencies of tableeleven in creating appealing content, transforming it into a strong script and com-bining it with top-notch speakers from the watch, jewelry and gemstone industry, Inhorgenta has created a unique, knowledgeful and entertaining B2B-format. Immediately after the conference was held, both the participants and the trade press, paid the utmost respect to this new format.


Using the exclusively created tableeleven business entertainment platform, Inhorgenta is now able to deliver a fully branded and immersive virtual experience for their attendees, with none of the frustrations known from other virtual formats. 


Please note: Upon request of Messe München only a small selection of image material was released. We ask for your understanding, but are always at your disposal for further information.


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Excerpt from the leading trade magazine WatchPro (German only)